Process parameters and internal control system of electric heating stainless steel reactor

- Oct 29, 2018-

Electric heating stainless steel reactor is a more obvious feature is electric heating, which is a kind of electric energy conversion into heat energy, which can heat the materials that need to be heated, electric heating stainless steel reactor at work, low temperature fluid medium will pass through the pipeline Enter the path into the input port under pressure and apply the path of thermodynamics of the fluid.


The electric heating stainless steel reactor will effectively follow the specific heat exchange flow channel inside the equipment, and take away the high temperature heat energy generated during the operation of the electric heating element during use, which will increase the temperature of the other heated medium. The heater outlet is obtained from the high temperature medium required by the process.


The internal control system of the electric heater automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the signal of the temperature sensor of the output port, so that the temperature of the medium of the output port is very uniform; when the heating element is overheated, the independent heating of the heating element The protected device will immediately cut off the heating power supply, avoiding overheating of the heated material to cause coking, deterioration, and carbonization. In severe cases, the heating element will burn out and effectively extend the service life of the electric heater.


The main parameters of the electric heating stainless steel reactor structure are the variable frequency speed regulation AC motor. The outer casing of the equipment is made of stainless steel. The volume of the whole equipment is very small and light. The inverter of the equipment is stepless speed regulation and the digital display of the speed. Its bearing support is non-polluting to our materials and is ideal for high grade and high cleanliness requirements.


The electric heating stainless steel reactor completes the over-border alarm and treatment of the main process parameters, which can ensure the safety in the production process to a certain extent, has a very strong management function in use, can effectively condense the kettle and sulfonate The key parameters of the kettle are viewed and printed in the form of historical reports.