Product advantages of filtering, washing and drying three in one

- Sep 08, 2020-

1. Airtight system: The filter, washing and drying triple is a fully enclosed system. Production and operation in a closed system can avoid air pollution by toxic substances and reduce the occurrence of operator poisoning accidents.

2. Recycling: materials and solvents are almost completely recovered to avoid waste caused by missing materials and solvent volatilization, which has great economic benefits.

3. Multifunctional integrated operation: filtering, washing and drying are completed in the same equipment. The container wall is equipped with a heating jacket to allow drying treatment.

4. Continuous operation: filtration and drying are carried out in a continuous system, no need to process wet filter cake. The dried product can be mechanically transported to the weighing and packaging sections.

5. Save manpower: A non-technical person who has received simple training can complete the operation. The opening, closing, automatic feeding and automatic discharging do not require technical personnel to monitor.

6. Clean and clean: The three-in-one filter, washing and drying function has the functions of automatic spraying and stirring. The filter cake can be fully cleaned, thereby reducing the amount of sewage and the cost of wastewater treatment.

7. Clean production: The multifunctional filter drying system is equipped with a dust trap to collect the dust generated after drying, which can meet the requirements of clean production.