Product selection and some comparison of automatic vacuum belt dryer

- May 29, 2019-

Automatic vacuum belt dryer, although its name is somewhat long, but in terms of properties, it is still a specific type of dryer in the category of dryers. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand, and then, Use this purpose reasonably.


1. Automatic vacuum belt dryer product selection

The purchase of automatic vacuum belt dryers requires attention to this work and takes it seriously, because it is an important task, which is related to whether the product can be purchased correctly and whether the product can be used normally. Sloppy treatment is prone to wrong choices and waste of products and economic losses to the purchaser. In terms of purchase considerations, there are product origin, specification model, size, performance and technical parameters, product quality and price, after-sales service of the manufacturer, product, and product use environment and use requirements, all relevant factors are considered comprehensively. After that, you can have accurate judgment and correct choice.


The automatic vacuum belt dryer product selection approach, you can choose different ways according to their own conditions and actual conditions, specifically there are three ways to buy, one is to find the direct purchase of the manufacturer, and the second is through the agent to choose To purchase the product, the third is to purchase the product on the relevant industry website.


2. Is the automatic vacuum belt dryer a vacuum belt dryer? Is there a difference between a low temperature continuous vacuum crawler dryer?

Automatic vacuum belt dryer, which belongs to vacuum belt dryer, and everyone needs to know that the vacuum belt dryer is a contact vacuum drying device capable of continuous feeding and continuous discharging, after drying Since the obtained finished product has a loose structure, it has good fast solubility and good appearance of the particles, so it is especially suitable for drying of the instant product and can improve the product grade. In addition, this type of dryer can continuously feed and continuously discharge at both ends of the fuselage.


Low-temperature continuous vacuum crawler dryer, which is also a specific type of dryer, is a vacuum belt dryer, which is made of non-stick track material, multi-section temperature control, automatic vacuum adjustment and new structure. The dryer has the characteristics of low energy consumption and is suitable for use in medicine and industry. It can be used for drying solid or liquid materials. Therefore, from the definition and description, there are some differences with the automatic vacuum belt dryer, the two can not be