Reconstruction of resin reactor repair method

- Nov 21, 2018-

Resin reactors are a very common type of equipment in modern plants. The resin reaction kettle is a comprehensive reaction vessel, which facilitates many reaction steps of the chemical plant. However, when used, the resin reaction vessel will inevitably fail or be damaged, resulting in forced production stoppage and unnecessary losses. So when faced with the failure of the resin reactor, how should we identify and solve these problems and eliminate them? Today we will come together to understand the rehabilitation method.

For example, the repair time of the glass reactor is 30 days, the repair cost of a 5000L reactor is about 20,000 yuan, the repair cost of a 1000L container is about 0.6 million yuan, and the repair cost of a tower section is about 0.2 million yuan. Moreover, the amount of thinning of the steel plate is increased once every re-twisting, and the strength is also significantly reduced. Generally, the normal glass-lined reaction tank cannot be reclaimed more than three times, such as large-area shedding or larger equipment such as reactor, tower section, storage tank, etc. . In the case of minor damage, it is not necessary to update the entire equipment. This requires the use of a suitable repair method for repair. Otherwise, the reactor will be corroded by the solvent in the kettle, and the damage of the enamel surface will rapidly expand, resulting in shutdown and safety accidents. Unpredictable losses such as environmental pollution.