Rotary drum flaker machine features and application range

- Jun 05, 2018-

The drum flaker machine is a cooling and crystallization process during operation. In operation, the molten material in the tray is directly contacted with the cooled drum and effectively forms on the surface of the drum. The material film, to a certain extent, passes through the heat exchange between the material film and the drum wall, so that the material film is cooled and crystallized, and the crystallized material film is scraped by a scraper to become a sheet product.

Rotary drum flaker machine will, to a certain extent, effectively pass through the rotating drum, and in the heat conduction mode during operation, it can effectively heat the dry liquid phase material or the strip-shaped material on the outer surface of the load drum. Operating equipment.

Rotary drum flaker machine features

The drum production machine will be equipped with a side scraper to a certain extent, so that it can effectively avoid the accumulation of material on the side of the drum to a certain extent. In use, the equipment is compact in structure and has a small footprint. Pipe jacketed trays are very safe and reliable during operation.

The atomization and cooling of the drum-type tablet machine has good cooling effect when used, and the indefinite-speed drum can be adjusted directly to a certain extent in the operation, the drum precision of the entire device is high, and the application scope is wide; Simple and flexible; multi-set scrapers are used to adjust flexibility; multi-function, it can be combined and dried.

Rotary drum flaker machine application range

1. Polyethylene oligomers, petroleum resins, oxidized polyethylene and other high molecular products; phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, naphthalene, pinoparoid, higher fatty alcohol, fluoroacetic acid, trimethylolpropane, guanidine nitrate, bisphenol , Stupyl distearate and other organic chemicals.

2. Drying vulcanizate, vulcanization and other pulp dyes; sodium dihydrogen carbonate, sodium phosphate, magnesium chloride and other inorganic material solution; skim milk, milk and other food solutions.


Rotary drum flaker machine installation instructions

1. Place the equipment on a flat surface first, and there should be no obvious unevenness.

2. Connect the cooling water pipes, and keep them parallel on both sides, or adjust them during test operation so that the two ends do not leak. The two ends are sealed with packing or rotary joints.

3. Connect the feed tank insulation device (steam inlet and outlet).