Self-cleaning filter performance characteristics

- May 07, 2018-

1. The self-cleaning filter control system is sensitive and accurate in operation, and can flexibly adjust the backwash pressure difference time and time setting values according to different water sources and filtration accuracy.

2. Self-cleaning filter In the back flushing process, each (group) filter screen will be backwashed in sequence; the filter will be safely and efficiently cleaned, while other filters will not be affected and continue to be filtered.

3. The self-cleaning filter adopts the pneumatic sewage valve. The backwashing time is short, the backwashing water consumption is small, and the environmental protection economy.

4. Self-cleaning filter structure is compact and reasonable design, small footprint, flexible and convenient installation and movement.

5. The self-cleaning filter electrical system adopts an integrated control mode to enable remote control.

6. The self-cleaning filter adopts the patented internal mechanical structure to realize the true high-pressure backwash function. It can easily and completely remove the impurities retained by the filter. The cleaning has no dead angle and the flux has no attenuation, which ensures the filtration efficiency and Long service life.