Self-diagnosis function and cleaning system of Belt Vacuum Liquid Continuous Dryer

- Jun 01, 2018-

During the running process of the belt type vacuum liquid continuous dryer, the signal alarm interface can monitor and display the various faults in the system operation at a certain level. The cause of the fault and the effective solution can be indicated to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it can effectively guarantee the stability of the system's operation and the self-diagnosis function. The vacuum belt dryer guarantees the service life of each hardware.

The use of the cross-section vacuum liquid continuous dryer guarantees the safety and stability of its operation to a greater extent. It effectively avoids the non-operator to artificially interfere with the running status of the equipment during use, and the entire device is operated in its full Chinese language. The interface shows the running status of the equipment in a friendly and vivid visual image and graphics. The operation of the vacuum belt dryer is simple and straightforward.

The belt vacuum liquid continuous dryer effectively uses its PLC man-machine interface. The inverter low-voltage electrical appliances all use good quality products to further ensure the safe and stable operation of the vacuum belt dryer system. The input and output points of the PLC are left with a 30% margin at the time of design, which facilitates expansion and addition of control points. To meet the customer's future expansion.

The heating system of the belt vacuum liquid continuous dryer effectively uses the over-heating position medium heating mode, and can also effectively provide steam heating according to the requirements of the customer, the entire device of the heating oil heating and the direct type electric heating plate. Heating and other heating methods.

The belt vacuum liquid continuous dryer is effectively equipped with a CIP automatic cleaning system in place to a certain extent, which is hygienic and clean. The entire equipment will be continuously fed and discharged at both ends of the fuselage. The ingredients and discharging parts of the equipment can be set in a clean room. The entire drying process is completely closed and does not come into contact with the external environment. It meets the requirements of GMP.

The belt vacuum liquid continuous dryer can directly send the concentrated extract to the vacuum belt dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, so that the amount of the final product taken can be reduced and the grade of the product can be improved. Products in the entire drying process, in a vacuum, closed environment, mild drying process for the extraction of natural plants, can maximize its color, smell, taste, to obtain high-quality final products.