Special selection of high pressure stainless steel reactor

- Apr 01, 2019-

The material selection of the high-pressure stainless steel reactor is very important. When the material is considered to be corrosion-resistant, stainless steel is used as the anti-corrosion material. Three structures are available:

1, all stainless steel structure.

2, lined with stainless steel structure.

3. Composite board structure. The specific structure should be determined according to the comprehensive consideration of wall thickness, stainless steel reactor manufacturing process and economic performance. In environments where stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion occur, it is not advisable to use an all-stainless steel structure.


The selection of high pressure reactor materials is based on the characteristics of the material:

1, no corrosion.

2, there is intergranular corrosion.

3, there is stress corrosion.

4, there are chemical corrosion to determine whether to choose carbon steel, or stainless steel and which stainless steel. In the case of a tendency to intergranular corrosion, a solution treated stainless steel material should be used.


Lined stainless steel structure:

1. Traditionally filled lead-lined stainless steel.

2. Expanded-lined stainless steel. These two structures have different advantages and disadvantages for different applications.


For some materials, it is necessary to choose according to the reagents in the experiment process and the requirements of high temperature and high pressure. It is best to communicate with the company related to the reactor to get the reactor you want.