Spray Dryer has fast drying speed and good dissolution performance

- Jun 07, 2018-

During the working process of the spray dryer, the feed liquid will be pumped in through its diaphragm pump. During the operation, the spray droplets will be sprayed, and then it will effectively flow in parallel with the hot air. When the spray dryer is in use, not part of the powder will be directly formed by the tower. The bottom discharge port collection, spray dryer exhaust gas and tiny powder are effectively separated by a cyclone separator. During the operation, the exhaust gas is directly discharged by the exhaust fan, and the powder is collected by a pollination cylinder disposed at the lower end of the cyclone separator. The export can also be equipped with secondary dust removal devices with a recovery rate of 96-98%.

The drying speed of the spray dryer is fast, and the surface area of the material liquid after atomization is greatly increased when it is used. In the hot air current, it can instantly evaporate 95% to 98% of the water, and the drying time only needs ten seconds or more. It can be used for tens of seconds, especially for the drying of heat-sensitive materials.

All the products in the spray dryer are spherical particles. When used, the particle size is uniform and the flowability and solubility are good. The spray dryer has high product purity and good quality. To a certain extent, it has a wide range of uses. According to the characteristics of the materials, It can be dried with hot air, or it can be granulated with cold air, which has strong adaptability to materials.

The spray dryer is very simple and stable during operation, easy to control and to a certain extent, it is easy to implement automated operations. Such equipment is mainly used in a fully closed form, all components are made of stainless steel, to a certain extent Three-stage purification device, filtering the air up to 100,000 requirements.

The top of the spray dryer and the cylinder body are equipped with a cold wall device, so that the wall temperature can be <80°C, and an air brush sweeping tower device is installed in the drying tower. The traditional Chinese medicine extract powder dried by this machine will not appear coking and metamorphic phenomena, greatly increasing the rate of powder collection (over 95%), and it will not produce mixed drug phenomenon and sticky wall phenomenon.

Spray dryers are used to a certain extent in the drying of certain materials. When they are used, high-speed centrifugal atomizers can also be used to disperse the materials into mists, make full contact with hot air, complete instant drying, and form powders. Finished product drying device.

Spray dryer performance characteristics

1. The tower body has a cold wind jacket;

2. The tower body is equipped with automatic rapping device;

3. The tower body and pipeline are equipped with quick opening cleaning holes and drain holes;

4 can be equipped with automatic control thermostatic feeding tank;

5. Can be equipped with manual high pressure washing tower random accessories;

6. The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel (or made of stainless steel)

7. The material collection adopts two-pole cyclone dust removal device, or one-stage cyclone dust collector and wet dust collector;

8. Inlet air temperature to achieve automatic control and continuous devices.

9. Can be equipped with gas sweeper.