Spray dryer operation process and temperature adjustment

- Jun 14, 2019-

In the process of the spray dryer, the sprayed material needs to be thoroughly emulsified and homogenized by a homogenizer and passed through an 80 mesh screen (to avoid clogging the atomizer and the pipeline), and placed in a stainless steel bucket for use. In addition, a bucket of tap water is used to clean the atomizer and the spray chamber. Install the material of the peristaltic pump and clamp it. The front of the feed port is fastened with 8 nuts (to prevent the air from being drawn in) and put into the drum for use.

When using the spray dryer, check whether the butterfly valve on the pipe connecting the dehumidifier and the collecting tank is open. The damper on the spray tower should be fully open, the spray door should be closed, and the quick loading of each connecting pipe The hoop should be installed correctly, the air outlet valve of the air compressor should be opened, the emptying valve should be closed, and the air pressure pipe should be connected well.

The spray dryer presses the switch of the dehumidifier, closes the air relay switch of the spray dryer, adjusts the air pressure of the air compressor to 0.25Mpa (press the black button to adjust it and press it), and rotate the red emergency stop button clockwise. Open the LCD operation screen, wait for 15S to automatically enter the operation interface, set the process parameters: set temperature 180 °C, the lower limit temperature is 180 °C, the upper limit temperature is 192 °C, the temperature is between the set and lower limit, the heating open time is 10s, the heating is off. Time 3s, the vibrator is set to vibrate 2S, stop 2-10S (refer to the accumulation of material on the wall), if the content of solid matter such as water spray is very low, the set temperature should be adjusted to 185-190 ° C, the lower limit Change to 185 ° C.www.srchemicalequipment.com