stainless steel reaction kettle catalyst loading method and cleaning effect

- May 02, 2019-

The cleaning of the stainless steel reaction kettle is often carried out in the process of operation. The hot cleaning of the store is often used to reduce the weight of the equipment. In the operation, the circulation pump and the water tank of the equipment are mainly used to add some steam in the kettle of the reaction kettle. Detergent, agitation and high temperature irradiation, and high temperature steam to carry out deoxidation.


The stainless steel reactor is a kind of equipment made of stainless steel. During the operation, the stainless steel tank is a processing liquid and some highly corrosive liquids and objects. After a period of processing, it needs to be To slim down, it is to clear its own impurities, to ensure that the equipment is not corroded by impurities, and does not damage the equipment.


Stainless steel reactor catalyst filling method


1. Check the loading size (marking line) of the ceramic balls and catalyst again before loading the reactor.


2. The dust from the unloading agent is taken out of the stainless steel reaction vessel by an aspirator, and convection is formed to ensure a good environment for the charging.


3. Keep the brightness of the illumination inside the reactor suitable for the operator to operate.


4. Use a forklift to transport the barrel catalyst to the scale for weighing, record the weight, and then load it into the hopper on the ground. After loading, lift the hopper to the top of the reactor with the crane and discharge the catalyst into the reaction. The top of the hopper is fixed in the hopper.