Stainless steel reactor maintenance items

- May 07, 2018-

1. Use a stainless steel reactor to carefully read the instructions, check the instrumentation, and inspect the kettle body for signs of damage.

2. Clean the interface of the reactor.

3. Regularly check if the motor speed reducer and the coupling are loose and loose.

4. Turn on the power switch to allow the machine to run from slow to fast. To stop the machine, stop the switch and turn off the switch.

5. Check the reactor seal and check for damage. Keep the shaft and seal ring smooth.

6, the electric part must not enter the water, is strictly prohibited damp.

7. When replacing the parts in the stainless steel reactor, you must use the original parts produced by the original factory. Any use of other parts at will may cause fatal damage to the machine.

8. When doing any repairs or inspections, the stainless steel reactor must be cut off from power and water.

9. After the stainless steel reactor is used, it must clean the residual traces of oil, stains, solvents, and remain clean.