Structural composition and drying effect of belt vacuum dryer

- Aug 25, 2018-

The belt vacuum dryer has a good drying effect and has been favored by many users. The machine is usually openable cover with double-sided hinge connection, cylindrical casing, multiple illuminated mirrors, adjustable feed pump, new non-stick track, track adjustable speed drive system, vacuum equipment, Condenser, horizontal swing feeding device, automatic temperature control system, heating plate, collecting and pulverizing device and cleaning device.


For its drying capacity and track area, it can be designed and manufactured according to actual needs. It can be achieved by increasing the number of crawler layers in the casing without changing the casing of the vacuum dryer, and only need to increase the displacement of the vacuum equipment and the capacity of the temperature control unit, and the control system hardly needs to be made. Any changes. In practical applications, the multi-layer low-temperature vacuum crawler dryer is more conducive to improving the economics and use efficiency of the equipment.


In the process of processing the product, the belt vacuum dryer has a mild drying process. For the extraction of natural plants, it can maintain its color, aroma and taste to the utmost, and obtain a high quality final product.