Structure of filter washing and drying equipment

- Jan 16, 2020-

The internal structure of the filter washing and drying equipment mainly consists of the filter washing and drying unit body, mixing device, filter plate and base, discharging device, hydraulic device and control box.

1. The main body of the filter washing and drying equipment group is also called "simplified", which is a pressure vessel clamp with a jacket device (the sleeve can be a half pipe jacket or a honeycomb jacket).

It is welded by elliptical head and cylindrical simplified body. The head item is equipped with mixing device interface, man (/ hand) hole, light mirror, pressure (force / vacuum) gauge port, feed port, feed port of detergent or detergent, rotary spray ball installation port, vacuum or compressed gas purification (chemical or inert gas) port and safety valve port, etc.: the side of the cylinder is equipped with discharge port (for sampling and verification). Jacket insulation layer, the outer layer of Zui is 304 plate decoration to keep the body, convenient for surface cleaning.

2. Mixing device

(1) The mixing device is composed of motor, reducer, shaft seal device, mixing shaft, mixing blade and frequency converter.

(2) Motor: commonly used for explosion-proof motor, this is because of the use of organic solvent in process operation.

(3) Reducer: the gearbox should be cast as a whole, and the gear should be carburized and quenched to improve the hardness of the tooth surface and the bearing capacity of the reducer.

(4) Shaft sealing device: non sterile equipment can choose packing seal or single face mechanical seal, and can use oil stained graphite packing, polytetrafluoroethylene and Teflon packing. However, there is no medical equipment (bacteria level), because of the requirements of hygiene and cleanliness, mechanical seal should be used (double face mechanical seal). Because the mixing spindle passes through the barrel and moves up and down, in order to prevent leakage, a stainless steel (3l6l) bellows sleeve is added outside the spindle, and its two ends are fixed on the mechanical seal device and the mixing blade, so as to prevent foreign matters from entering and leaking into the body, so as to meet the requirements of GMP.

(5) Mixing shaft: it can be made into solid or hollow mandrel as required, which can drive the positive / reverse rotation and up and down movement of the blades in the unit. The middle of the hollow shaft can be connected with the hollow core paddle by the medium of heat medium, and the non sterile or chemical grade equipment can be made into the flat paddle in the cylinder body, and can be equipped with a palladium type scraper below: the paddle of the sterile grade equipment is often made into the "s" type double (paddle or three paddle), and the shape of the paddle can be processed into a trapezoid similar to the triangular form. If internal heating is not required, solid core blades can be selected. If internal heating is required, hollow core blades can be made. The number of pulp leaves can also be determined according to the size of filtering area. Generally, the "s" type double pulp leaves are commonly used in equipment below 2m. If the filtering area is greater than 3m, three pulp leaves can be selected. It can heat the material when it is dry. When the mixing shaft is clockwise (rotating), the material can be stirred to make the material mix evenly; when the mixing shaft is counter clockwise (rotating), the material surface can be pressed and smoothed to prevent the filter cake cracking, overcome the open circuit and ensure the smooth filtering operation.

(6) Mixing blade: according to different process requirements, the mixing blade can be frequency converter installed in the control box to control the rotation speed of the mixing shaft.

3. Filter plate and base filter plate and base assembly are composed of filter plate, support ring, chassis base and caster.

4. Hydraulic device: the hydraulic system consists of hydraulic cylinder, diverter valve, motor, oil pump, guide check valve, flow valve, oil filter air filter, pressure oil tank, oil circuit board and oil circuit pipe. If manual operation is adopted, hydraulic system can not be configured except for the lifting of mixing shaft. The hydraulic system is used to automatically open or close the chassis and discharge valve, control the rise / fall of the chassis, and at the same time, it is used for the rise / fall of the mixing shaft in the vertical direction. 5. Control box: part of the control box is placed in the distribution motor and part around the unit for easy operation and control.