System configuration and heat transfer mode of belt vacuum liquid continuous dryer

- Jun 03, 2019-

The liquid raw material of the belt type continuous vacuum belt dryer is transported to the dryer through the feed pump, and is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt through the distributor, and the boiling point temperature of the material is lowered by the high vacuum, and the liquid raw material water is evaporated at a low temperature. The conveyor belt runs at a constant speed on the heating plate, from the evaporation and drying at the front end to the cooling discharge at the rear end, the heating temperature is from high to low, and the discharge end is equipped with a specific vacuum pulverizing device to achieve finished products of different particle sizes, and the dried powder Can be automatically packaged or enter the subsequent process section. It plays an important role in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine.

The belt continuous vacuum belt dryer consists of a liquid batching system, a feeding system, a cloth system, a correction system, a heat exchange system, a vacuum system, a discharge system, a control system and a CIP online cleaning system, and has a flexible and stable drying process. Low, airtight and hygienic, it can store active substances in products, low energy consumption and cost saving. The product can solve the problems of high viscosity, easy agglomeration, thermoplastic and heat sensitive materials in the past, and is particularly suitable for drying of malt beverages, juice sweet drinks, plant extracts, vegetable proteins, animal proteins and extracts of herbal extracts.

The belt type continuous vacuum belt dryer can independently control the operating parameters such as the quantity of drying medium, temperature, humidity and exhaust gas circulation, and ensure the reliability of the belt dryer and the optimization of operating conditions. It is widely used in industry. Chinese enterprises actively absorb foreign advanced technology, innovate products and improve product quality. Develop large-scale equipment, multi-functional combination machines, improve the degree of automation control and product quality, and continue to extend the product life