The belt vacuum powder continuous dryer operation process and production requirements

- May 21, 2018-

The belt-type vacuum powder continuous dryer can be applied to the most of its natural product extracts during the operation, especially in the use of highly viscous, heat-sensitive, agglomeration, thermoplastic materials. , Unsuitable or unable to use spray drying, belt vacuum dryer is the best choice.

The belt type vacuum powder continuous dryer can directly send its concentrated extract directly to the belt type vacuum dryer for effective drying to a certain extent. In the process of operation, it is not necessary to add any auxiliary materials, so that it can be effective to a certain degree. By reducing the amount of medications in its final product, it can effectively improve the grade of its products.

The belt-type vacuum powder continuous dryer will be in a vacuum and closed amount environment in a certain extent during the whole drying process. The temperature of the equipment in the process of drying can be maximized to a certain extent for natural extract products. Limit to maintain its color, aroma, taste, to get high-quality final product. The belt type vacuum dryer can carry out complete CIP cleaning in place. The CIP cleaning can be conveniently performed between the batch and batch, product and product, making the replacement of the product very convenient and greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. Ensure the quality of the product.

The belt type vacuum powder continuous dryer is mainly an openable cover with a double hinged connection during the manufacturing process. In operation, the cylindrical housing can be directly mounted on the housing during operation. Multiple lighted sight glass, adjustable speed feed pump, new non-stick track, track adjustable speed drive system, vacuum equipment, condenser, horizontal swing feeding device, etc.

In the process of drying the belt vacuum powder continuous dryer, the crawler area can be designed and manufactured to a certain extent according to its needs. To a certain extent, it can be increased without changing the dryer housing. The number of caterpillar layers in the casing is achieved. At the same time, the displacement of the vacuum equipment and the capacity of the temperature control unit only need to be increased accordingly, and the control system needs almost no modification. The multi-layer low temperature vacuum track dryer is more conducive to improving the economical efficiency and use efficiency of the equipment.