The characteristics of three common yarn dyeing machines

- Aug 31, 2018-

Yarn dyeing is a basic process in the manufacture of yarns, in which we can dye different types of yarn dyeing machines. The first common type is the cheese dyeing machine, which winds the yarn around a hollow porous tube. Its basic structure is similar to that of a skein high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine. The difference is that the yarn cage is surrounded by a cheese holder. Hide instead.


The second type is called a warp beam dyeing machine. This type of yarn dyeing machine is divided into vertical and horizontal structures. The utility model is that the warp yarn is wound on a reel which is hollow and has a small hole on the surface, and is placed in the center of the cylindrical body, and the dyeing liquid is circulated from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside by the pump.


There is also a commonly used continuous dyeing machine. This type of yarn dyeing machine is typically used for dyeing large quantities of low count yarns, threads or belts. The dyeing process is completed by padding, steaming and post-treatment of the dye. In comparison, the advantage of this dyeing machine is that it has high labor productivity and is currently used for the dyeing of dyes such as vulcanization, indigo and direct.