The importance of reasonable control of the temperature parameters of the yarn dyeing machine

- Aug 11, 2018-

In the past, in the process of dyeing the yarn dyeing machine, there was often a problem that the dyeing was not uniform enough. The reason is mainly due to the unreasonable temperature control of heating. That is to say, due to the uneven heating process, it will affect the quality of dyeing of the yarn dyeing machine.


Of course, the technical level of the yarn dyeing machine has been significantly improved, and it is relatively simple in practice. The correct way to control its heating system is to ensure production in a smooth environment. Therefore, in actual operation, to prevent the appearance of excessive heating of the specimen, the operation can be performed through the display on the computer panel, and it can be controlled within the most standard range value to accurately grasp the temperature inside the device.


In fact, if you want to control the heating system of the yarn dyeing machine more precisely, you can use the temperature sensor to control its temperature. It is better to maintain the temperature of the yarn dyeing machine within the proper range. Make sure the dyeing is even.