The main operating procedure of the spray dryer

- Aug 04, 2018-

In the process of operating the spray dryer, the first step is to do the relevant preparations. The main contents include: the material to be sprayed needs to be thoroughly emulsified and homogenized by a homogenizer and passed through an 80 mesh screen. This is mainly to prevent the occurrence of clogging of the atomizer and the pipeline, and then stored in a stainless steel bucket for use. In addition, a bucket of tap water is used to clean the atomizer and the spray chamber.


After the preparation is completed, the relevant parts of the spray dryer should be inspected and confirmed to be in good condition. Next press the switch of the dehumidifier, close the air conditioner switch of the dryer, adjust the air pressure of the air compressor to 0.25Mpa, rotate the red emergency stop button clockwise, open the LCD operation screen, wait for the 15S to automatically enter the operation interface, set the process parameter.


When the drying task is completed, the spray dryer should be closed as required, and the spray tower should be cleaned while the inner wall is thoroughly rinsed. In addition, the surrounding accessories of the spray dryer should be cleaned as required.