The process of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is short and energy saving and environmental protection

- Oct 19, 2018-

The fabric before dyeing can be effectively dried to some extent by its retreating and dispersing fiber dyeing machine, so that a certain fiber effect and whiteness can be obtained to a certain extent, so that the dye can be dyed more easily. Fibers and cotton fibers mainly contain pectin, nitrogenous substances, waxy fats, ash, pigments, cottonseed hulls, and woven fabrics. The chemical fiber mainly contains spinning lubricants, and these impurities are stored. It will affect the dyeing effect to varying degrees. Therefore, these impurities must be removed by some additives and certain action conditions.

The bulk fiber dyeing machine will be partly due to the small amount of oil contained in the cotton fiber accompanying the co-growth of the fabric, so the difficulty in the process of removal is relatively large, and the treatment of the oil contained in the chemical fiber is relatively easy. All the impurities in the new additive should be removed, but also thoroughly, otherwise it will not be dyed; finally, the fabric impurities are kept clean after removal, and there is no residue attached or clamped between the fibers. In order to achieve these three objectives, in addition to the selection of good additives, it is necessary to provide conditions that meet the requirements for effective action.

The fiber dyeing machine has less damage to the fabric

The effective treatment of the fabric after the pre-treatment effectively satisfies the requirements of the dyeing process on the fabric before dyeing, the processing time of the equipment is too long, and the mechanical wear may be directly caused to some extent, so the pre-treatment method is selected. It is necessary to take into account all aspects and must not lose sight of it.

The process of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is short

The bulk fiber dyeing machine is mainly to achieve the pre-treatment effect of the fabric in the shortest process flow.

It is not currently affordable for general printing and dyeing factories. Therefore, at present, there are quite a few printing and dyeing factories that use the intermittent overflow or jet dyeing machine to carry out the process of retreating, boiling and bleaching.

Energy saving and environmental protection of bulk fiber dyeing machine

The energy saving and emission reduction of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is the main goal of all printing and dyeing equipment and processes at this stage. It seems difficult to resolve this contradiction by the overflow washing method used in the pre-treatment flow or jet dyeing machine. However, the airflow dyeing machine adopts a continuous water washing mode, which is turbid and turbid, and has a large washing gradient. If the water washing is controlled, the bulk fiber dyeing machine can achieve the best washing effect with less water consumption.