The role and application characteristics of cooling crystallization equipment

- Jul 19, 2018-

Cooling crystallization equipment is a device that relies on lowering the temperature of the material to cause supersaturation of the material and ultimately crystallization of the material. In actual production, this is also an effective method for improving the purity and yield of crystalline products by crystallization operation.


For the time being, cooling crystallization equipment can be designed with different structures due to different working environments and usage requirements. Among them, the widely used equipment is mainly a crystallizer with a stirring or external circulation tank, and the cooling can be realized by jacket heat exchange or by an external heat exchanger. The direct cooling product is directly mixed and cooled by the solution and the cooling medium, and the cooling medium is usually a hydrocarbon inert liquid such as ethylene or Freon.


The direct cooling crystallization equipment has the advantages of good economy, low operating cost, and easy control of the operation process. Moreover, the direct cooling crystallization apparatus includes various structural forms such as a kettle, a rotary, and a wet wall tower. This range of equipment is suitable for handling systems where solubility is significantly reduced with temperature.