The scope and advantages of the belt vacuum dryer

- Jul 11, 2018-

Under normal circumstances, belt vacuum dryers can be used to dry most of the extracts of natural products, especially for materials with high viscosity, easy to agglomerate, thermoplastic, heat sensitive materials. There are also some materials that are not suitable or can not be dried by spray drying. Belt vacuum dryers are undoubtedly a better choice.


In the process of drying the material by the belt vacuum dryer, the concentrated material to be treated can be directly sent into the dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the dosage of the final product and improve the product grade. Moreover, in the whole drying process, it is always in a vacuum and closed environment, and the whole drying process is very stable. For natural extract products, the color, fragrance and taste can be maintained to the maximum extent, and a high quality final product can be obtained.


The belt vacuum dryer not only achieves high quality drying of materials, but also helps to improve the cleaning effect between batch and batch, product and product, making it very convenient to replace the product, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. Guarantee the quality of the product.