The scope and processing characteristics of vacuum belt dryer

- Aug 09, 2018-

The vacuum belt dryer has reliable performance and is suitable for a wide range of extracted materials, especially for some materials with high viscosity, easy to agglomerate, thermoplastic and heat sensitive, and the equipment can achieve more ideal effects. In actual production, the concentrated extract can be directly sent to a vacuum belt dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the dosage of the final product and improve the product grade.


That is to say, in the whole process of drying the material by the vacuum belt dryer, it is kept in a vacuum and closed environment, the drying process is mild, and the color, fragrance and taste can be maintained to the maximum extent, and high quality is obtained. The final product.


Not only that, for the user, the vacuum belt dryer achieves the requirement of in-place cleaning, especially in the batch and batch, between the product and the product, the CIP can be cleaned in place, making it very convenient to replace the product. The labor intensity of the workers is greatly reduced, and the quality of the products is also guaranteed.