The use of bulk fiber dyeing machine and operation

- Jul 02, 2018-

During the dyeing process, the bulk fiber dyeing machine runs at a relatively high speed. It is usually exposed to the dye when the fabric enters the nozzle and the guide tube, but it is not completely surrounded by the dye solution like the overflow spray. Therefore, during the dyeing of the bulk fiber dyeing machine, a certain frictional force is generated between the surface of the fabric and the wall of the tube. This problem can be dealt with through different measures.


For example, if after dyeing, it is found that there are fluffing or pilling on the surface of the fabric, not only can improve the fiber strength and flexural resistance of the fabric, but also improve the manufacturing precision of the inner surface of the fiber dyeing machine, and the appropriate process. Reduce the speed of the fabric, add smoothing agents and other measures to eliminate or improve.


It should be noted that if you want to achieve the desired dyeing quality, you must choose a suitable cloth speed when operating the fiber dyeing machine. For the creases that may occur in some knitted fabrics, such as longitudinal creases, the main reason is that the knitted fabrics form large internal stresses during the weaving process, and if the external warp tension is too large, warp creases are easily generated. Moreover, there is an expansion process after the first pipe is opened, and the beam position is constantly changed, so that the folding position is rapidly expanded.


In this way, the problem of permanent creases can be easily solved. In general, reactive dyes are used to dye the fabrics. The color fastness of the fabric after dyeing with a bulk fiber dyeing machine is better than that of ordinary overflow dyeing. Because of this, the device has been favored by customers in the market.


It should be noted that the dyeing quality of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is often closely related to the process operation. Especially for the control of time, it must be considered that the same dye and the dyed fabric are dyed in the same color. Since the airflow dyeing time is shorter than the ordinary overflow spray dyeing time, and the frequency of exchange of the fabric and the dye liquor is high, the time taken for the bulk fiber dyeing machine to complete the same number of exchanges is short.