The widespread use of vacuum dryers

- Jan 15, 2019-

Drying equipment can be regarded as a kind of chemical machinery with a wide range of applications. Of course, in order to meet the needs of the market and the production of drying machinery, special drying chemicals such as vacuum dryers and rotary vacuum dryers are specially used for life and production. Equipment machinery, maybe we have heard of or used these drying equipment, but do we really understand them?

The vacuum dryer is a device that removes moisture from the components inside the container by removing the air inside the packaging container to a predetermined degree of vacuum. During the drying work, the tank is in a vacuum state, and the jacket is heated by hot water (or steam, heat transfer oil). As the tank rotates at a low speed, the material continuously moves up and down inside and outside, and the inside and outside become a "diamond-shaped track" to absorb and evaporate. The steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum line to achieve the purpose of material drying. While drying the mixture, the built-in spray, filtration, crushing and other devices can be used for multi-function operation according to customer requirements.

Although chemical machinery is small, they are all machines with great functions. Drying equipment can only be regarded as a branch of chemical equipment. Oven represented by a clean oven can also be regarded as a branch of chemical machinery development,which is important to both our life and production.