Three categories of airflow dryers

- Jul 18, 2018-

For different usage requirements, the user can select the appropriate airflow dryer equipment. At present, the device mainly includes three structural forms, and different device types have different functions and functions. One of them is called a straight pipe airflow dryer. The wet material is fed into the vertical pipe by the feeder, and the air is blown into the fin heater through the blower. After reaching a certain temperature, it is blown into the vertical pipe for drying.


The cyclone air dryer is also a commonly used drying device. When drying, the dried material particles enter the cyclone dryer in a tangential direction through the hot air flow, and generate a rotary motion along the hot wall to make the material particles in suspension and rotation. Dry in the state.


The other is called a pulsed airflow dryer. When the machine is drying, it is mainly used to reduce or expand the airflow and the particles, so that the airflow and the particles flow at different speeds. The relative velocity and heat transfer area between the airflow and the particles. Both are large, thus enhancing the heat and mass transfer rate. At the same time, the airflow speed in the enlarged tube is greatly reduced, and the drying time can also be prolonged.