Three-in-one structure of filtration, washing and drying

- Sep 23, 2020-

The three-in-one structure of filtration, washing and drying determines its function. Let's take a look at the advantages of this equipment in terms of structure.

1. Floor structure: main material: AISI304L or 316L;

2. Filter material: metal sintered plate or filter cloth;

3. The fixed chassis is welded to the equipment, and there is a heating system for heating and drying;

4. The agitator can be two-blade or three-blade mixing, and it can be equipped with or without a scraper according to the nature of the material. The material can be heat treated according to the situation. The stirring blade is formed in the shape of a round tube and a triangle, and the internal cavity can be passed through a heat transfer medium to heat the material, which plays a major role in the process of filtering, washing and drying.

5. Drive the shaft to rotate after deceleration by the motor reducer. The speed adjustment is realized quickly through frequency conversion;

6. The hydraulic motor is powered by the hydraulic pump to drive the shaft to rotate, the speed is adjusted by the regulating valve, and the lifting of the mixing lift chassis is powered by the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic station. The pump station control has three forms of manual control, electric control and pneumatic control for selection;

7. The mixing shaft can be divided into solid and hollow shafts. The solid shaft is used for mixing the material without heating. When the mixing blade needs to heat and dry the material, the mixing shaft is a hollow shaft with a rotating joint at the head to provide an in and out channel for the heated medium.

8. Detachable chassis: clamp the upper and lower flanges with clips to achieve sealing. The chassis can be disassembled and landed with hydraulic cylinders. The lower part of the chassis has wheels to move and clean the filter plate. The chassis is driven by a heating system, one of which is a runner type and the other is a pipe heating type. The filter plate is fixed from the bottom of the chassis with bolts, so that the filter plate is flat, and there are no bolts in the part in contact with the product.

The filter, washing and drying three-in-one pair has good adaptability to various materials, especially suitable for the treatment of difficult-to-filter slurry and flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile, and easily polluted materials, including filtering, washing and drying. The operation is integrated, so it is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, chemical, dye and other industrial sectors.