Typical process flow for agitated nutsche filter dryer for food

- Jul 11, 2019-

The filtration stage of the agitated nutsche filter dryer for food, the separation of the filter cake and the mother liquid of the product, the thickness of the filter cake can reach 500 mm; the washing stage: the filter cake is further purified, the residual mother liquid is washed and dehydrated, and the filter cake is layer by layer through the lifting mixer and The washings were mixed, and then formed into a slurry, and the suspension cake was washed thoroughly.

Drying stage of agitated nutsche filter dryer for food: Dewatering and drying treatment of filter cake, the filter cake is scraped loosely by layer by layer, the bottom side of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving mixing leaves heat the filter cake. The transpiration reaches the effect of drying, and the transpiration speed is accelerated by the vacuum inside the equipment, and the transpiration moisture is taken away by the medium such as hot nitrogen which participates in the treatment, so that the material is accelerated to dry and the drying effect is improved. 

During the unloading stage of the agitated nutsche filter dryer for food, the dried material is actively discharged from the side discharge port through the rotary propelling material of the S-type mixing slurry, and directly enters the packaging.