Usage of filtration washing and drying three in one equipment

- Mar 21, 2020-

Filtration stage: separation of filter cake and mother liquor. The thickness of filter cake can reach 500mm.
Washing stage: further purification of filter cake, cleaning of residual mother liquor and dehydration. The filter cake and the washing liquid are mixed layer by layer by a lifting agitator to form a slurry, and the suspension filter cake is charged and washed separately.
Drying stage: dehydration and drying treatment of filter cake. When the filter cake is scraped loose by the agitator layer by layer, the side wall of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving mixing leaves simultaneously
When the filter cake is heated, the moisture quickly evaporates to achieve the drying effect. The evaporation speed is accelerated by means of vacuum in the equipment. The evaporated moisture is removed by adding the processed hot nitrogen and other media to accelerate the drying of materials and improve the drying effect.
Unloading stage: dry materials are automatically unloaded from the side outlet through the reversal of S-type stirring pulp, and directly enter the packaging.
The "three in one" filtration, washing and drying equipment can replace filtration and drying equipment (such as suction filter, pressure filter, double cone dryer, drying box, etc.) to complete the whole process of filtration, washing, drying and solid unloading in the same equipment. It is used in chemical industry, food and other industries and is a good filter drying equipment. It can realize the continuous operation and production in the whole process.