Vacuum belt dryer features

- Oct 26, 2019-

1. The belt can control its running state and running speed separately

2. The feed pump can control its operating state and feed speed separately.

3, cloth motor cloth angle, running speed can be steplessly adjusted

4, the vacuum system uses multi-stage Roots water ring vacuum pump unit

5, temperature control using regulating valve and digital sensing control technology to ensure that each section of the heating temperature is constant temperature operation

6. Automatic correction system adopts closed-loop control to ensure that the deviation from the center position when the belt is running is not more than ±0.5cm

7. The historical trend interface can save various data (temperature pressure, etc.) and alarm records of the user during or after the operation, so that the user can observe the running history data of the device at any time and can satisfy the user to print or fill out the report.

8. The signal alarm interface can monitor and display various faults in the operation of the system at any time, prompting the cause of the fault and the solution. In order to ensure the stability of the system operation and self-diagnosis function, the vacuum belt dryer guarantees the service life of each hardware.

9. The use of the interface is more secure to ensure the safety and stability of the operation, and non-operators are allowed to interfere with the operation state of the equipment.

10, the entire Chinese operation interface, with a friendly and vivid visual image and graphics to indicate the operating state of the equipment, vacuum belt dryer operation is simple and clear.

11, PLC man-machine interface Inverter low-voltage electrical appliances all use the European representative Schneider (Schneider) company products, to further ensure the safe and stable operation of the vacuum belt dryer system.

12. The input and output points of the PLC are left with a 30% margin during design, which is convenient for expansion and increase of control points. To meet the customer's future expansion space.

13. The heating system uses superheated water as the heating form of the medium. Various heating methods such as steam heating, vacuum belt dryer heat transfer oil heating and direct electric heating plate heating can also be provided according to customer requirements.

14. The equipment is equipped with CIP automatic in-situ cleaning system, which is clean and quick and convenient.

The vacuum crawler continuous dryer continuously feeds and continuously discharges at both ends of the fuselage, and the batching and discharging parts can be set in the clean room. The whole drying process is completely closed, and does not contact with the external environment, and meets the requirements of GMP.


The concentrated extract can be directly sent to a vacuum belt dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the dosage of the final product and improve the grade of the product. During the whole drying process, the product is in a vacuum, closed environment, and the drying process is mild (product temperature 40-135 ° C). For the extraction of natural plants, the color, fragrance and taste can be maintained to the maximum extent, and a high quality final product can be obtained. The vacuum crawler continuous dryer can perform complete CIP in-place cleaning, which can be easily replaced between batch and batch, product and product, reducing labor intensity, reducing process links and ensuring product quality. Increased economic efficiency.