Vacuum belt dryer structure

- Oct 24, 2019-

The vacuum belt dryer mainly consists of an openable cover with a double-sided hinge connection, a cylindrical casing, a plurality of lighted mirrors mounted on the casing, a variable speed feed pump, a new non-stick track, and a crawler belt. Speed control drive system, vacuum equipment, condenser, lateral swing feeding device, a set of automatic temperature control system, heating plate, collecting and pulverizing device, collecting tank, cleaning device, etc.


The dry processing capacity and track area of the low temperature vacuum crawler dryer can be designed and manufactured as needed, and can be achieved by increasing the number of track layers in the housing without changing the dryer housing, and only need to increase the vacuum accordingly. The displacement of the equipment and the capacity of the temperature control unit are sufficient, and the control system requires almost no changes. Multi-layer low temperature vacuum crawler dryers are more conducive to improving the economics and efficiency of the equipment.