Vacuum dryer factory introduces the vacuum system drying precautions

- Jan 12, 2019-

After the refrigeration system is installed, it is necessary to dry the accusation. Otherwise, some air and moisture inside will cause certain damage to the refrigeration system, such as ice blockage caused by water vapor. Here is the explanation for the vacuum drying of the refrigeration system.

It is strictly forbidden to use the compressor to pump the vacuum!

The unit must not use a megohmmeter when it is in a vacuum state!

Do not start the compressor when vacuuming or when the system is under vacuum!

The vacuum operation of the compressor will affect the lubrication and aggravate the mechanical wear, and the vacuum ionization may break the binding post or burn out the compressor. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use the compressor itself to evacuate the system. Please use a vacuum pump to evacuate the system. The entire system should be vacuumed from both ends. The residual pressure in the system is not higher than 30Pa. Pressure gauges cannot measure this pressure. It is recommended that when the vacuum pump is not vented, continue to evacuate for more than half an hour so that the moisture present in the system may evaporate and be withdrawn.

Refrigerant charging

Do not add methanol to the system under any circumstances!

1. It is recommended not to choose R12 refrigerant for environmental protection and to fully utilize the performance of the unit.

2. When charging the refrigerant for the first time, it can be filled through the multi-channel of the liquid supply valve on the accumulator. When replenishing the refrigerant to the system, it should be filled in the gaseous state at the low pressure end of the compressor.

3. Note that the rotary hand valve has two multi-purpose channels A and B. The B channel cannot be closed when the stem is in any position.

4. Use qualified refrigerant. When there are conditions, the refrigerant is charged into the system through the dryer. In order to prevent vacuum discharge, do not start the compressor when charging the refrigerant, and then energize the compressor after charging a part of the refrigerant.

Refrigerant charge

The maximum refrigerant charge of each type of unit should not exceed the specified value. If it is necessary to exceed, an auxiliary container that can accommodate the excess of the refrigerant must be added.