Vacuum dryer manufacturer's anti-corrosion methods

- Dec 10, 2018-

Anti-corrosion method for drying equipment: Most drying equipment consists of welded parts, flat plates and cylinders. For the anti-corrosion treatment of drying equipment for different purposes, the following describes some of the experience in material anti-corrosion and manufacturing methods.

Phosphating - Passivation Process In the manufacture of vibrating fluidized bed dryers, 70% of the parts are carbon steel structures. The turnover time between the processes is long, so a large amount of rust is generated on the surface, and more labor is required to remove the rust before painting. Phosphating-passivation process, through electrical and electrochemical reactions, through a one-time treatment, can make the steel workpiece full of rust, the surface presents the original color of the metal, while forming a dense anti-rust film on the metal surface . It can be placed in humid air for ten days without rusting. Its operation method is simple, it can improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and save manpower and material resources. For phosphating - the passivation treatment solution contains emulsifier, molybdate, soluble phosphate and various acids. This method is not only used in the above models, but other similar structures or frames can be used for corrosion protection. deal with.

Application of electrostatic powder coating on the manufacture of drying equipment The traditional paint coating is liquid. It contains a large amount of organic solvents such as ester ketones and hydrocarbons, which brings a series of troubles to production, storage, transportation and construction. It is flammable and explosive. Not safe. Due to certain toxicity, it volatilizes into the atmosphere and seriously pollutes the environment. Therefore, coating experts at home and abroad are working on new coatings that use less or no solution. One of the new coatings is powder coatings.

The upper cover of the vibrating fluidized bed drying equipment is mostly made of cold-rolled stainless steel sheets, so the cost is high. Why use stainless steel instead of ordinary carbon steel, because the equipment will be exposed to various corrosive materials and gases during working conditions, and stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, so it is made of stainless steel cold-rolled sheet.

The electrostatically sprayed polyester resin powder coating is made of ordinary carbon steel, and its corrosion resistance is completely comparable to that of stainless steel. Because of its toughness, durability, and decorative properties, this powder coating has excellent outdoor weather resistance and heat resistance, as well as excellent corrosion and powder resistance, excellent gloss and chromatic properties, so static electricity Powder coating is fully suitable for corrosion protection in the dryer housing.