Washing filter drying equipment stirring positive and negative rotation instructions

- May 07, 2018-

1. After the deceleration of the motor reducer drives the shaft to rotate, the speed adjustment of which is realized by frequency conversion;

2. By the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic pump provides the power to drive the shaft to rotate. The speed is adjusted by the regulating valve, and the lifting and the lifting are performed. The chassis is lifted and powered by the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic station. The pumping station controls the manual control, the electronic control and the pneumatic control. for selection;

3.Speed: Through the inverter control 0-20 rev / min arbitrary adjustment, including safety prevention device, divided into manual control of the discharge valve and hydraulic (or pneumatic) control of the discharge valve, the inside of the valve after the closure of the inner wall and the device is consistent, Doesn't affect the action of the stirring inside.The sealing of the discharge valve can be sealed with metal and other seals. For the products that are required for asepsis, the discharge valve can be sterilized, and the structure of the discharge valve can be fixed or quick open structure. .