Washing, filtering and drying machine-multi-function cylinder cone type three in one

- Sep 26, 2020-

Reaction, filtration, and drying are three important unit operations in the chemical, food and other industries. Generally, three units of equipment: reactor, filter and dryer are required to complete. Each of the three unit equipment has its own supporting device. Because of the large area and high cost, the handling or transportation of materials between the units is troublesome, not only the labor intensity is high, but also the loss and waste of materials are easily caused. Inflammable, explosive, toxic or highly toxic materials or contaminated biological products, food, etc., require closed operation. At this time, the difficulty of conveying materials between the three devices of reaction, filtration, and drying is high, sometimes caused by As a result, the whole set of equipment cannot be fully operated normally or with high labor intensity, long production cycle, high energy consumption, and low efficiency, which affect product quality.

The upper part of the structure of the barrel-cone multifunctional machine is a vertical cylindrical container, the bottom is a cone structure, and the filter medium is lined around the inner layer of the cylindrical sandwich shell. In the equipment-a hollow ribbon agitator is installed in the center. The spiral piece matched with the filter medium acts as a scraper when it rotates, and the spiral at the bottom is tightly attached to the cone during assembly, which acts as a screw extrusion.

When the material is filtered, press the slurry (solid-liquid mixture) to be filtered into the filter container with a pump, and use enough pressure to make the filtrate pass through the filter medium (if the slurry does not need to be pumped, it flows directly into the filter In the machine container, vacuum at the clear liquid outlet and vacuum suction filtration of the material is also possible). At this time, the filter cake is continuously thickening on the filter screen or other filter media, but the hollow ribbon agitator is slowly rotating to filter The cake is continuously scraped off, achieving typical dynamic filtration. The scraped filter cake is slowly pushed down to the cone, and then squeezed and dried by the squeezing ribbon, and exits the lower discharge valve.