What are the benefits of the overflow dyeing machine besides environmental protection?

- Jun 09, 2018-

Overflow dyeing machine is a typical environmental dyeing machine.The main reason is that it adopts double swirl nozzle system and environmental protection system, which can dye the fabric at extremely low bath ratio and meet the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection in the dyeing industry.What are the advantages of the overflow dyeing machine besides the obvious advantage of environmental protection?

In the overflow dyeing machine, a unique fabric lifting system is designed, which consists of lifting roller.Due to the reasonable design of the diagonal of the lifting roller and vortex nozzle, it can effectively avoid the crease generation. And the double vortex jet overflow dyeing machine system has a strong adaptability, fabric dyeing by tension in the process of impact drop greatly reduced, make not napping fabric, yarn count not slanting crack, and the flexibility to maintain, suitable for high density fabric.

Also have to mention the overflow dyeing machine at the mercy of the system as well as the fabric and dyeing liquid separation and recovery system, which can not only increase capacity, reduce tangles, still can save energy, reduce the auxiliaries, shorten the process time, improve the cost efficiency.

The internal setting wheel of the overflow dyeing machine can drive the cloth to rotate. The dye VAT is located at the bottom of the dyeing machine, and the dye is found in the dye VAT. The dyeing of cloth in the bottom dyeing machine of the overflow dyeing machine is mainly controlled by controlling the running speed of the cloth to control the time of the cloth in the dye VAT and the dyeing effect. 

The factory also provides customers with different types of overflow dyeing machine, with 50kg, 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg and so on, which can meet the dyeing conditions of different load