What are the influencing factors of filtration equipment?

- May 07, 2018-

1, size

Larger-sized air filters have relatively high prices, and filters with a larger size generally have a wider range of filters, and some require smaller filters for home use.

2, fluid characteristics

The combination of membranes and sulfur bodies, contact time will have a great impact on the filtration effect, in addition, is also closely related to the type of particles, the particle type is divided into non-deformable particles and variable particles, certain pressure conditions will undergo some changes, and filtration The type of membrane is different, and the pore size and structure of different membranes are also different. Some membrane membranes are rigid and some can be moved.

3, the technology used by the filter

Different filter brands use different production technologies to produce filters, and the cost of using more advanced filter technology is relatively high. Therefore, when the merchants conduct the sales, the prices specified are relatively high.