What are the steps of the three-in-one filter washing and drying machine?

- Apr 08, 2020-

 Filter washing and drying three-in-one is a filtering and drying equipment that can realize fully closed, full-process continuous operation production. It is used in chemical, food and other industries. A single batch of equipment can be filtered and washed sequentially in the equipment. , Drying and other processes, imitation materials may cause pollution problems during the transfer of different processes; the entire process is automatically controlled, and the humanized and easy-to-operate solution is combined with operation training projects to reduce-low operating costs and improve-economic benefits for customers. The three-in-one operation method of filtration, washing and drying is mainly divided into three steps: filtration stage, washing stage, and drying stage, of which:


1. Filtration stage: separation of the product's filter cake and mother liquor. The cake thickness can reach 500mm.

2. Washing stage: The filter cake is further purified, and the residual mother liquor is washed and pre-dehydrated. The filter cake and the washing solution are mixed layer by layer by a lifting stirrer to form a slurry, and the suspension cake is washed in a full-minute manner.

3. Drying stage: dehydration and drying of filter cake. While the filter cake is being loosened layer by layer by the agitator, the side wall of the device, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving stirring leaves heat the filter cake at the same time. The moisture content is quickly and rapidly evaporated to achieve the drying effect. The method accelerates the evaporation rate, and removes the evaporated moisture by adding the treated medium such as hot nitrogen, so that the material is accelerated-dried, and the drying efficiency is improved. Discharging stage: The dry material is automatically discharged from the side discharge port through the reversal of the S-type stirring pulp, and directly enters the packaging.