What is the design principle of the filtering and washing two-in-one equipment

- Oct 02, 2020-

1. The entire cylinder is designed and manufactured in accordance with the pressure vessel.

2. The whole working process can work in a closed environment.

3. In the filtration stage, the vacuum is mainly drawn on the bottom of the tank. In order to improve the filtration efficiency, a positive pressure can be applied to the tank, generally not exceeding 0.1MPa.

4. After the filter cake is drained, due to the higher density of the filter cake, in order to make it loose, the filter cake can be scraped loose by the reverse cutting and lifting of the S-shaped blades.

5. In the washing process, the forward rotation and lifting of the S-shaped blade play a stirring role, so that the washing liquid and the material are fully washed.

6. The chassis and the cylinder body are designed to be non-removable. The support net and punching plate are laid on the chassis to facilitate the flow of liquid and to install the filter cloth.

7. The filter medium can be filter cloth, non-woven fabric, or sintered mesh.

8. Unloading is to automatically unload the material from the side discharge port through the reverse thrust of the S-shaped blade.

9. The forward and reverse rotation of the mixing is driven by the motor reducer to drive the main shaft to rotate, the speed adjustment is adjusted by the frequency converter, the lifting is completed by the hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic pressure is adjusted to complete the lifting speed. The reducer can be domestically made or imported.