What is the working principle of the washing and filtering two in one device

- Apr 17, 2020-

· Closed operation

The process is carried out in a closed container. No leakage of any materials and solvents will pollute the operating environment and protect the materials from contamination.


· No material and solvent loss

The process is completed in the same container without material and solvent loss, which can greatly reduce-low operating costs.


· Excellent performance-Yue's sealing system

The shaft seal between the stirring shaft and the container of the bacteria-free filter dryer is a dry double-end mechanical seal and a bellows.

The side discharge valve adopts a reliable metal-to-metal seal. It has the function of automatically cleaning the seal ring. The filter washing and drying equipment is suitable for the treatment of difficult-to-filter slurry and flammable, volatile, and polluting materials. It integrates filtration, washing and drying operations in one machine. It has the characteristics of simplifying the process flow, improving production efficiency, imitating the pollution of materials, convenient unloading, and easy realization of mechanical and electrical integration. At the same time, it can make use of the entire production process. The area of clean workshops has been greatly reduced, reducing the customer's basic investment costs.



The filtering, washing and drying equipment realizes the industrialization of key functional components, laying the foundation for the upgrading of drying equipment products; the development of high-precision digital measuring instruments and knives to support medium and high-level drying equipment; the implementation of high-scale drying equipment demonstration projects National key project needs.