Why can the vacuum dryer system dry toxic ingredients?

- Apr 08, 2019-

Many of the components used in the pharmaceutical industry have been identified as toxic, so it is very dangerous for operators to come into direct contact with these drugs, and because of this, the drying equipment used in the manufacturing process should also be dry and toxic. Type, it is recommended that you try to choose a vacuum dryer.


Because vacuum drying is preferred for drying new active components, it guarantees batch recovery of materials with no product residue. In order to prevent the bulk active component from being broken down into small particles, the entire system window is bolted to the isolating device, vibrating the fluidized bed and being opened only during daily main monitoring.


The unique feature of the vacuum dryer system is that it can be operated from both the front and the rear, which makes drug filtration easier. It also has three quick-change ports that can be used to control product feeding and Discharge.


In the drying stage, the tray containing the filter material is placed in a vacuum dryer, and the depth of the separator located in the dryer is controlled to a minimum to make the operation simpler. Moreover, all of its corners are smoothly transitioned, making this vacuum dryer feature a balanced temperature distribution.


After the work is completed, the vacuum dryer needs to be cleaned. There are also corresponding cleaning devices. Usually, two manual spray guns are installed on the left and right sides of the system for cleaning. The two drain pipes are located on the bottom of the isolation device. It is convenient for liquid to be discharged after washing.

In order to ensure safety, the isolation device of the vacuum dryer has an overpressure limit value, and the overpressure value of the outlet is related to the exhaust capacity of the exhaust device. In general, the vacuum dryer has a very good effect on the pollution-free production of toxic substances within a certain range.