Why should the vacuum drying oven be vacuumed and then heated?

- Dec 20, 2018-

1. The workpiece is placed in a vacuum box to evacuate the vacuum to remove the gas components that can be removed from the workpiece material. If the workpiece is heated first, the gas expands when heated. Due to the excellent sealing of the vacuum box, the enormous pressure generated by the expanding gas may cause the observation window tempered glass to burst. This is a potential danger. This danger can be avoided by following the procedure of first vacuuming and then heating up the heating.

2, the correct method of use should first vacuum and then heat up. After the rated temperature has been reached, if it is found that the degree of vacuum has decreased, then add it appropriately. This is advantageous for extending the life of the device.

3. The heated gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, and the vacuum pressure gauge will produce a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the operating temperature range specified by the vacuum gauge, the vacuum gauge may cause an indication error.

4. If the heating air is pumped out by the vacuum heating and vacuuming process, the heat will be brought to the vacuum pump, which will cause the vacuum pump to rise too high, which may reduce the efficiency of the vacuum pump.