Working principle and composition of continuous vacuum belt dryer and its requirements

- May 18, 2019-

Continuous vacuum belt dryer, which is a specific type of dryer, and also belongs to vacuum belt dryer, so it needs to have a deep understanding so that you can have a correct understanding of the product, and then you can realize the correctness of this dryer. And reasonable use.


1. Working principle of continuous vacuum belt dryer

The working principle of the continuous vacuum belt dryer is not very different from the working principle of the ordinary vacuum belt dryer from the professional point of view, because they all belong to the vacuum belt dryer. The working principle is as follows: the liquid to be dried enters into the dryer through the conveying mechanism, and is spread on several drying belts in the dryer. The motor drives the rubber roller to drive the drying bag along a certain speed. The drying machine moves in the direction of the cylinder, and at the same time, the material is dried by contact heat transfer, so that when the drying belt moves from one end of the cylinder to the other end, the material has been dried and cooled, and the drying belt is folded back. The dried cake is peeled off from the drying belt and passed into a pulverizing apparatus for pulverization, and then discharged through a discharge hopper, so that the dried product can be obtained.


2. The structure of the continuous vacuum belt dryer

The structure of the continuous vacuum belt dryer is an openable cover, a cylindrical casing, a speed control drive system, a vacuum device, a cooling device, a feeding device, a temperature control system, a heating plate, a pulverizing device, a collecting device, and the like. These parts. Moreover, these are important and basic components, one of which can not be missed, otherwise the dryer can not operate and work properly.


3. Some instructions for continuous vacuum belt dryer

(1) Continuous vacuum belt dryer, which can carry out continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The batching and discharging parts can be set in the clean room, and the whole drying process can be closed without contact with the external environment. In this way, the two problems of material leakage and environmental pollution can be avoided.

(2) This kind of dryer can be used to dry the concentrated extract. Simply send the concentrated extract into the dryer without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the dosage of the product and improve the grade of the product. If the extract of natural plants is dried, the use of a continuous vacuum belt dryer can bring some benefits, in order to maintain the color, aroma and taste of the extract, and obtain a high quality finished