Working principle of filter washing dryer

- Feb 13, 2020-

1. Feed filtration:

The integrated filter, washing and drying machine will send the materials to be treated into the machine through a pump or a high-level tank. After the feeding, the filtering operation will be carried out in a pressurized or vacuum state to achieve solid-liquid separation

2. Beating and washing:

A special rotating spray device is installed on the inner side of the cylinder to evenly distribute the cleaning liquid in the container, which can realize the internal cleaning and material cleaning of the container. The solid materials and cleaning liquid are slurried by the positive and negative rotation and up and down movement of the mixing scraper, so that the materials can be fully washed.

3. Drying, solvent recovery:

The equipment heating device heats the filter cake evenly, the filter cake is scraped loose by the stirring scraper layer by layer and driven to turn over, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The solvent evaporates in the vacuum state, condenses and recovers.

4. Discharge:

Under the function of scraper mechanism, the dried filter cake is scraped layer by layer and pushed to the side discharge port, and then discharged out of the machine through the outlet of discharge valve.