How To Ensure The Stability Of The Crystallization Equipment Operation

- May 07, 2018-

Crystallization technology has developed rapidly in recent years, mainly including reaction crystallization, vacuum crystallization, solvent-free crystallization, high-pressure crystallization, membrane crystallization, extraction crystallization, distillation-crystallization coupling, supercritical fluid (SCF) crystallization, sublimation crystallization and other crystallization technologies. The research directions of the future crystallization theory and technology are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

1) Modern supramolecular chemistry and condensed matter physics are the basis for the further development of molecular crystallography;

2) Applying modern testing techniques to further reveal the mechanism of industrial crystallization and particle processes and accelerate the transformation of models from art to science;

3) The continuous development of new crystallization technologies and equipment, coupling crystallization technology will be one of the main directions of development;

4) Computational fluid mechanics has entered the industrial crystallization process design and optimization;

5) Research on functional crystalline and supramolecular design. Of course, the development of new technologies and new equipment for solution crystallization, the study of optimization procedures for computer-aided control, and the realization of the optimal design of crystal grain size distribution are also future directions.