How To Use The Fermenter

- May 07, 2018-

1. Calibrate the pH electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode.

2. Tank sterilization. According to the needs of the medium into the tank, according to the requirements sealed, the small fermentation tank (5L) can be placed in a large sterilization pot sterilization (115 °C, 30 minutes); large-scale fermentation tank (10L and above) Steam sterilization (121 °C, 30 min).

3. After the tank is cooled, place it on the fermentation bench and install it well. Open the cooling water, open the air pump power supply, connect the ventilation pipe to start ventilation, adjust the air intake knob to make the ventilation volume appropriate, and keep the tank pressure at 0.05MPa; Set the temperature, pH, stirring speed, etc., and calibrate the slope of the dissolved oxygen electrode at a determined rotational speed and ventilation volume. The value is 100%.

4. After the temperature is stable and all the parameters are correct, the pre-rotated seeds are connected, the fermentation timing starts, and various parameters are recorded.

5. After the fermentation is completed, the tank body and the electrode are cleaned. The pH electrode is inserted into a 3M potassium chloride flask for use. The probe of the oxygen electrode is covered with a protective sleeve and stored for future use.