Multi-functions Filtering, Washing,Drying(Three In One) Development Process

- Oct 08, 2018-

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Multi-functions filtering, Washing,Drying(Three In One) equipment gradually developed under the market demand. The flat-bottomed filter-washing and drying three-in-one is the first generation of typical products, which can achieve a closed filtration environment and integrate various processes. Wait for the purpose. But the design characteristics of the flat-bottom three-in-one device determine some inevitable shortcomings:


1. The filtering area is small - the entire bottom area is the filtering area. When the filtering area is increased, the diameter of the equipment must be increased, and the equipment covers a large area;


2. Incomplete discharge - the bottom filter layer is at the same level as the discharge port. A part of the material can be pushed out by the internal simple stirring scraper, but there is no discharge difference, and the safety gap between the agitation and the bottom surface also causes residue, and the material cannot be discharged by itself. The manual intervention of the discharge will affect the purity of the material to a certain extent, and the control of the production environment will also decrease;


3. The heat transfer effect is not ideal - the heat transfer effect can be analyzed from two aspects, the heat exchange area and the material turning; the flat bottom type filter washing and drying three-in-one matching stirring form is relatively simple, and the heat source of the outer jacket is the main heat exchange Area; the form of stirring and turning animal material is usually flat, the material contact jacket surface is limited, and the bottom filter layer is not retained by the certain retention, and the drying effect is not very satisfactory. If the material is slightly sticky, the effect will be greatly reduced.


The application requirements of the industry have gradually become clear. Soon after, the cone-type filter washing and drying three-in-one (Dingchang R&D and national patent) came into being, which fundamentally improved the applicable performance of the filter washing and drying three-in-one:


1. The filter area is greatly improved - the cone filter area is set, the equipment of the same diameter, the cone filter area is 2-2.5 times of the flat bottom;


2. Automatic complete discharge-discharge port is set at the lowest position of the equipment, automatic discharge completely, combined with the positive and negative reversal of internal mixing, generally loose materials can reach no residual discharge;


3. Excellent drying effect - Cone-type filter washing and drying, three-in-one equipment matching spiral stirring, heat exchange area is 3-5 times of the same type of flat bottom three-in-one, and more importantly, multi-deformation design of spiral mixing (Dingchang R & D series) can achieve the ideal three-dimensional turning effect of different characteristics of materials, the jacket heat transfer of the main body of the equipment is fully utilized, and each part of the material is fully heat exchange;


Cone-type filter washing and drying three-in-one products, the design advantages also bring high-precision production requirements, the stability and reliability of the internal heat exchange and agitation of the equipment are the key to the equipment; at the same time, the precision coordination between the various configurations of the equipment Can not be ignored, can re-emphasize the problem of the spindle seal, high-strength large-diameter agitation will once again test the stability and service life of the seal.