Special Care For Washing Equipment

- May 07, 2018-

1. Do not wash anything other than fabric.

2. It is forbidden to wash fabrics impregnated with oil. This may cause explosion.

3. It is forbidden to wash the parts of the industrial washing machine, otherwise the liner will receive serious damage.

4. The liquid detergent should be added directly through the soap tank of the equipment. It is forbidden to add soap to the front door.

5. It is forbidden to open the soap box door when the washing machine is running and heating to avoid steam or water burns.

6. It is forbidden to put your hand or other objects into the roll cage before the washing machine completely stops. This will cause serious injuries.

7. Static washing Industrial washing machines with damaged or removed super-shock switches can cause serious personal injury and damage to the washing machine itself if the machine load is severely unbalanced.

8. Before each washing cycle, the solid detergent must be diluted with water and put into the soap tank. It is forbidden to add soap during the washing process in the fully automatic industrial washing machine. The best time to put the soap is to release the water. Before heating.