What Are The Advantages Of Filter Washing Combo One Machine?

- May 07, 2018-

Filtration washing combo equipment has advantages in the following aspects:

1. Closed operation of filtering and washing combo equipment, especially suitable for handling dangerous products that are flammable, explosive, toxic or highly toxic, and delicious foods, biological products and medicines that are not allowed to be contaminated.

2. Two-in-one filter washing and washing equipment In the washing stage, due to the repeated performance of the machine for automatic stirring and repulping, the washing is convenient and the washing effect is good.

3, filter and wash combo can be completed in a machine, filtering, washing, drying and other operations, a multi-purpose machine.

4. Because it is completely closed, it does not cause any pollution to the materials, so the quality of processed products is high and the operating environment is excellent.

5, because the barrel jacket, below the filter plate or hollow stirring shaft, stirring paddles can heat and dry the material, drying efficiency, but also the material for hot air drying, greatly reducing the drying time.

6. The special stirring structure plus the hydraulic lifting device not only enables the stirring device to fully and efficiently stir the material, but also saves the stirring power.

7, from the feed to the product discharge, the entire process is completed in a machine, so that the process is greatly shortened, the number of equipment is greatly reduced, so that plant and equipment and process pipelines, valves, etc., greatly reduce the investment.